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​DaCruz Segal architecture llc


DaCruz Segal Architecture LLC is a full service architecture firm committed to finding innovative design solutions, with a dedication to artistic thinking and the exploration of latent potential of materials and craftsmanship.From inception until completion, our passion is about the creative collaborative design process. Through communication with our clients, we are able to produce meaningful works of architecture that are rational, efficient and practical to fulfill our clients needs and vision.


As full service architects we collaborate with our clients throughout the design and construction process beginning with establishing the scope of work and appropriate budget as the first step.

 We support our clients throughout the bid process where we bring local General Contractors to the table.Our attention to detail and careful planning enables us to reduce costs through bid negotiations for our clients. We develop the design from a schematic concept to construction drawings. Our drawings are thorough and detailed to allow for a smooth construction process. 

Throughout the construction phase DaCruz Segal Architects and as part of the full service provided are engaged in weekly meeting with the contractor and the clients at the job site to ensure that the design intention presented on the architectural plans is fully met.

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